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CareerTech Delivery Arms

How to obtain career and technology training to advance your skills and land the job you desire.

System Overview FY 16

CareerTech System

Oklahoma CareerTech System graduates add more than $3.5 billion annually to the state's economy.


One of the strengths of the CareerTech System is its accessibility to almost every Oklahoman.

  • CareerTech offerings in 395 Comprehensive School Districts – 1,302 teachers
  • 29 Technology Center Districts with 58 campuses – 1,303 teachers
  • Business and Industry training attracts new industry and helps existing businesses expand and prosper – 7,000 industries
  • 15 Skills Centers (inmates/juvenile offenders) – 35 teachers.
  • 30 Adult Basic Education providers at 67 sites.

One of the primary strengths of Oklahoma's CareerTech System lies in its diversity.  Here are a few of the diverse constituencies the CareerTech System serves:

  • Oklahoma's businesses and industries,
  • junior high school students,
  • high school students,
  • non-diploma holding adults,
  • employed adults,
  • unemployed adults,
  • senior citizens,
  • law offenders, and the list goes on and on.

CT System Enrollments

Each of these constituencies has its champions; Oklahomans who have personally experienced what the system has done for them or who have witnessed that personal growth in others.

The system's diversity helps it rise to the challenge of meeting:

  • high expectations
  • new standards and accountabilities
  • managing and staffing such a diverse system
  • funding emerging technologies

Through efforts such as High Schools That Work, we've seen firsthand that cooperative efforts between CareerTech educators and academic teachers pay big dividends in increasing academic performance.

Oklahoma's CareerTech Education System maintains quality instruction by recruiting, retaining and developing instructors on the front line. We have placed great emphasis on our teachers attaining national certifications in their respective fields. In addition, Oklahoma ranks in the top 10 states per capita with teachers who have earned certification through the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.

Our mission, our single and steadfast mission, is to help Oklahomans succeed in the workplace, in education and in life. In the following pages, you'll learn about CareerTech's four delivery systems dedicated to ensure that result.


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