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Strategic Plan

State Board of Career and Technology Education Approved on December 17, 2014

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Strategic Planning Process

The process was developed by the agency strategic planning process team, published for public comments and approved by senior leaders in October 2014. This formalized process will be followed in the future as the agency’s strategic planning process continues to evolve and progress.

Strategic Planning Process

Goals - 2015 - 2019

  1. Assure students have the knowledge and skills to make informed career choices and to create education plans to be prepared for those careers.
  2. Assure students know how to analyze issues, resolve problems, work with others and adapt to complex workplaces.
  3. Assure students develop specific life skills that operate in synergy with career skills.
  4. Assure students develop the academic knowledge and skills required by students’ career choices.
  5. Develop students’ technical knowledge and skills required to succeed in postsecondary education or careers or to advance within careers.
  6. Design and deliver training and consulting based upon an organization’s requirements.
  7. Provide curriculum, assessment and digital delivery products and services to customers.
  8. Continuously improve agency operations and services.

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