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Computer Fundamentals - Mabel Bassett

Computer Fundamentals - Mabel Bassett
Category Description
Course Computer Fundamentals
Location Mabel Bassett Skills Center – McLoud, Oklahoma
Average Training Time 200 hours
Special Restrictions Must be discharging within one year’s time and at a Security Level 2. Must have minimum language and math skill levels of 5.1 as measured by TABE.
Course Description This short course is currently offered to the female offenders at Mabel Bassett Correctional Center. The purpose of this service is to provide every student with enough computer knowledge to use the computer for accessing social services, job search, creating resumes, and performing entry-level job functions. Computer Fundamentals is instructor-driven through computer-based tutorials and application software. After completing this course, the student is able to identify the various parts of the computer and its peripherals, and demonstrate how to use them. They also have the ability to describe and use basic software applications (word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation).
Certifications Brainbench: Word Processing Fundamentals
ACT WorkKeys Career Readiness Certification
Contact Information Mabel Bassett Skills Center
Brandy Burns, Instructor's Aide (405) 964-1681
29501 Kickapoo Road
McLoud, OK 74851
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