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Diversity in Action

Goal: Create and promote a systemic culture that values diversity and inclusion.


  1. Develop and implement a diversity and inclusion action plan for the Career and Technology System by June 2012.
    1. Establish a Diversity and Inclusion Executive Council.
    2. Develop a shared understanding of diversity and inclusion.
      • Develop and disseminate communication and marketing resources.
    3. Identify strategic priorities for creating a culturally responsive community of practice.
      • Establish a Diversity Officer.
      • Implement strategies to enhance cultural competence.
      • Establish celebration events for "What Ties Us Together."
  2. Implement strategies that ensure system practices and policies reflect a commitment to diversity and inclusion.
    1. Annually review and revise two institutional policies and/or practices to ensure they promote diversity and inclusion (e.g., enrollment process, marketing, financial aid, career advisement, internships, accreditation process, gold star school criteria).
      • Design and implement a CareerTech Internship Program.
      • Review Gold Star School Criteria and guidelines.
      • Strengthen diversity and inclusion accreditation standards.
    2. Annually implement two best practices for recruiting, retaining, and advancing faculty, students/customers, staff, and/or boards.
      • Implement strategies to ensure staff and student composition advances diversity and inclusion.
      • Review and improve recruitment practices.
    3. Annually evaluate and revise two curricular and co-curricular programs to ensure they foster diversity and inclusion (e.g., curriculum selection, student organizations activities, career majors).
      • Document and disseminate student organization recruitment and retention best practices.
      • Evaluate career major attrition patterns.
  3. Identify accountability measures that assess the effectiveness of the CareerTech System's diversity and inclusion efforts by December 2012.
    1. Monitor key diversity and inclusion measures.
    2. Recognize and reward exemplary diversity and inclusion practices.
    3. Provide technical assistance and resources to advance diversity and inclusion initiatives.
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