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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my application?

  1. Download the Student Intern Application Process
  2. Send e-mail to: Marie Saatkamp with attached cover letter and resume
    Subject: Internship Application

How long should my resume be and what should it include?

Your resume should be long enough to cover your education, work experience, and extra curricular activities.

Do I have to be in college to apply?

You must be in school to apply, however the internship is for college students and those attending technology centers.

What type of work will I be doing when I accept an internship with CareerTech?

Students will be given real work with business-related problems to solve. Interns will be working with full-time employees to accomplish the duties outlined in the job description.

Will I work in a number of career areas during my internship, or focus on a specific area with one group?

In order to ensure that you have the opportunity to make a real contribution to a designated team, we ask for a commitment to a specific area during the internship. Our goal is to help you develop skills and give you experience in your career major area.

How long do internships last?

Internships at Oklahoma CareerTech last 999 hours or 10-12 weeks.

Is there a difference between a summer job and an internship?

Yes. An internship is a job that directly relates to your chosen field of study for which you are enrolled. A summer job is not directly related to your career major and does not have roots in applying academic principles.

What is the process of receiving credit for my internship?

Please check with your educational institution, each school has its own policies and procedures.

What if I want to drop my internship?

If you wish to end your internship experience, submit a formal letter of resignation to your supervisor and contact your school's internship coordinator.

Are interns paid?

Compensation is to be defined by CareerTech and the intern prior to the start date with the agency. Make sure you clarify any questions or concerns you may have regarding compensation and responsibilities prior to your start date.

If a student is not accepted the first time they interview, can they try again?

Yes. A student is more than welcome to apply and interview for other opportunities as they come open.

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