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Internship Interests

Our CareerTech System offers opportunities for professional internships in more than 30 different disciplines, in fields ranging from Health, Finance, Marketing, Agriculture, Information Technology, and much more. Click on titles below to discover more about each area. Indicate your interest in your cover letter and resume.
  • Agriculture Education - Prepare students for occupations in production agriculture.
  • Business and Information Technology Education - Provide products and services to promote the development of a comprehensive delivery system that is customer-focused and client-based.
  • Business & Industry Services - Provides the support and leadership necessary to position career and technology education as a total training resource for Oklahoma's businesses and industries.
  • Communications and Marketing - Provides internal and external communications services to promote Oklahoma's Career and Technology Education through the web, print, and broadcast media.
  • Curriculum and Instructional Materials Center - Develops instructional products and services for Career and Technology Education.
  • Creative Services - Designs and produces computerized and hand-illustrated, camera-ready art for many printed products produced.
  • Federal Legislation Assistance - Coordinates the use of federal funds to enhance student learning.
  • Finance and Internal Audit - Maintains the budgeting, accounting, auditing, and reporting responsibilities for the agency.
  • Career & Academic Connections - We develop and disseminate relevant products, offer quality in-service training, and provide technical assistance and leadership for career guidance within the state of Oklahoma.
  • Health Careers Education - Provides leadership to health education teachers across the state. Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is the student organization.
  • Information Commons - Information Commons connects you to resources for your professional development, training, and classroom needs.
  • Information Management Division - Collects, processes and analyzes CareerTech student data and information for management planning and decision making.
  • Instructional Services - Implements a comprehensive statewide staff development program for career and technology educators and our partners.
  • Marketing Education - Supports programs in technology centers and high schools offering instruction in Marketing Management, Fashion Merchandising, International Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Law Enforcement.
  • Perkins (Federal Legislation Assistance) - Provides implementation and monitoring leadership and support for Oklahoma recipients of Carl Perkins federal vocational funds.
  • Skills Centers - Provides occupational training programs and related services for incarcerated adults and for juveniles in detention centers.
  • Small Business Development Services - Provides leadership and resources to technology centers to ensure Oklahoma business success. Services include staff certification, contract monitoring, and offering in-service and strategic management programs.
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