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Aerospace Workforce Development

CareerTech has participated as a sponsor and is providing personnel for leadership and planning for the Aerospace Education and Industry Partnership.

The AEIP is a part of the Oklahoma Aerospace Summit and Expo that is provided each year by the Oklahoma Aerospace and Defense Alliance. AEIP brings in 100 Oklahoma STEM teachers and school counselors and immerses them in the aerospace industry.

This year, they participated in a full day of hands-on curriculum demonstrations with aerospace applications at the Oklahoma City Boeing facility.

A partnership facilitated by CareerTech among the OADA, PITSCO Education Co. and the office of the Oklahoma lieutenant governor gave out $15,000 in curriculum grants at this year’s AEIP.

Role of CareerTech

CareerTech continues to provide customized training for aerospace companies for both incoming and incumbent workers. ODCTE works diligently to develop relationships into partnerships with Oklahoma’s aerospace companies. It is through these partnerships the skills gaps are identified and training strategies are created. ODCTE employs both full-time training (long-term programs) and short-term (high-speed) technical and safety training to meet industry’s need.


H. L. Baird – 405.743.5517

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