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Career Readiness Certificate Project

The Career Readiness Certificate Project includes WorkKeys assessments, Job Profiles, Curriculum Profiles and KeyTrain/Career Ready 101.
Career Readiness Certificate Project

Jeff Parduhn Owner and Controller, Pelco Products, Inc.

Initiative Summary:

WorkKeys Assessments: WorkKeys Assessments: The WorkKeys® assessments measure communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills valuable to any occupation and at any level of education. Depending on their scores, potential or incumbent employees are awarded platinum, gold, silver or bronze Oklahoma Career Readiness Certificates. These portable skills credentials, which are nationally recognized, can be used to facilitate job placement, retention and advancement in our mobile society. Assessment sites can be found across the state at technology centers, workforce centers, college campuses and tribal career centers, etc.

KeyTrain/CR101: Before individuals take the WorkKeys assessments, KeyTrain/CR101® preassessment and skill upgrade training is available. KeyTrain/CR101 is the targeted curriculum written specifically to help people master the applied workplace skills. KeyTrain/CR101 lessons include preand post-quizzes, overview, learning and practice components for all levels of WorkKeys and Pre-WorkKeys skills. They can be accessed 24/7 via the Internet.

Job Profiles: The ACT WorkKeys Job Profiling provides a concrete way for businesses to analyze and translate the skills needed for specific jobs to Career Readiness Certificate levels. By comparing job profile information with individuals’ scores on WorkKeys assessments, businesses can make reliable decisions about hiring, training and program development. WorkKeys job profiles have resulted in streamlined hiring processes, reduced turnover, reduced training time and costs, increased productivity and better return on investments.

Role of CareerTech:

Many technology centers administer the WorkKeys assessments to give their students a competitive advantage in the workforce. They use KeyTrain/Career Ready 101 curriculum to provide accounts to students and potential students. Business and Industry Services staff members introduce the WorkKeys system and Oklahoma’s Career Readiness Certificate through the Career Readiness Employer Partner program. They also assist companies with WorkKeys job profiles through Existing Industry and Training in Industry Program funds and arrange for incumbent workers at these companies to take the WorkKeys assessments.


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