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Elevating Oklahoma

In March 2013 economist Mark Snead with the Center for Applied Economic Research at Oklahoma State University updated a cost-benefit analysis of CareerTech career majors. According to the study annual benefits to the Oklahoma economy are $3.5 billion.

Other key messages of Oklahoma CareerTech System from 2015:

  • CareerTech increased profitability for more than 6,700 companies
  • Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network served 800 companies.
  • Nearly half of Oklahoma's students in 9 through 12 grades are in are enrolled in CareerTech classes.
  • Positive placement (employed, military and continuing education) for completers was 93 percent.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of CareerTech Career Majors - Lifetime Income Gains and the Impact on the Oklahoma Economy. A study prepared by: Mark C. Snead, Ph.D. March 2013


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