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Geographic Information System ArcGIS Desktop Associate

Most decisions made today in industry are constrained, influenced or dictated by some fact of geography. The GIS software influences many decisions made in industry because it puts data in forms that are easy to understand.

GIS is a valuable tool for individuals, organizations, schools, governments and businesses seeking innovative ways to solve problems. It is now affordable to a wider audience, increasing the uses for this software. In Oklahoma, GIS software is used to map our 911 systems, provide the fastest and best available routes for our emergency vehicles and provide data for our state and local governments to map populations for grant purposes.

Role of CareerTech:

Today, GIS has evolved into a crucial tool for science-based problem solving and decision making. CareerTech has completed the first level of training in ArcGIS 10 for instructors to achieve ArcGIS Desktop Associate certification and teach the GIS curriculum. CareerTech will continue training instructors for the next level of certification.


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