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ICAT | Professional Development Center

The Professional Development Center hosted on ICAT, CareerTech’s Learning Community Management System, provides CareerTech instructors 24/7 access to thousands of resources.

These CareerTech-specific resources are simultaneously mapped to the Skills for Effective Teachers, which detail expected core competencies of a CareerTech teacher and the self-reflective Comfort Zone Survey. Instructors can now self-assess their comfort in core competencies. Upon reflection, instructors can initiate an online goal as well as locate an online or virtual mentor. Just click
the PDC tab in ICAT.

• SMART Goals
• Virtual Mentoring
• Comfort Zone Survey
• Interactive Observations

Role of CareerTech:

CareerTech’s Professional Development Center is closely associated with the Teacher Network on ICAT, which facilitates sharing and collaboration of online content. Instructors gain access to courses such as Online Standards, Teacher Orientation and Student Orientation.


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