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Online Remediation for End-of-Instruction Tests

ODCTE created a statewide collaborative effort to make PLATO’s online high school course library and customized courses for all end-of-instruction tests required for high school graduation available to technology centers.
This project is a component of CareerTech’s response to help secondary students meet the mandated testing requirements for demonstrating academic achievement in the core academic areas and for credit recovery. Both efforts help students stay on time or catch up in their academic plans and ensure students have time to attend technical training programs of study for entering postsecondary education and the workforce while meeting their individual remediation requirements.

Role of CareerTech:

ODCTE aggregated the licensing requirements for a statewide PLATO contract to create significant cost savings for technology centers. The department paid the professional development costs for lead teachers at each participating technology center and coordinates the inservice schedule with the appropriate PLATO and technology center staff members.


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