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Federal Legislation Resources:




FY16 Carl Perkins Application Resource Questions:

FY16 Local Application_Strategies Section.pngFY16 Local Application_Strategies Section.png
Strategies for Improvement

Program of Study


FY15 Carl Perkins Workshop Presentations:

FY15 Perkins Summer Conference Business Managers Meeting.jpeg2014 Summer Conference Workshop (STEM, BITE).jpeg

FY15 State Plan Workshops

Business Managers Meeting

STEM and BITE Summer Conference Breakout Sessions


FY09 - FY16 Perkins State Plan for Oklahoma:

    FY15 Okahoma State Plan Final.jpeg    

Adobe pdf


Full Assurances of Compliance for the Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006 Oklahoma State Plan 2008-2015.


Adobe pdf


Certifications Regarding Lobbying; Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters; and Drug-Free Workplace Requirements Lower Tier:

      Debarment, Lobbying, Drug free workplace.jpeg     

Adobe pdf

Assurances of Compliance for School Year 2014-2015:


Comprehensive School

Technology Centers

Assurances of Compliance for School Year 2013-2014:

   Assurances.jpeg        Assurances.jpeg    
Comprehensive Schools

Technology Centers

Carl Perkins Onsite Monitoring Document


Perkins Monitoring Onsite Review Document



FY16 Form 2 For CareerTech Programs

                 Form 2 Final.jpeg

Form 2 for Comprehensive CareerTech Programs



Model Applications:

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