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The Finance and Internal Audit Division has budgeting, accounting, auditing, and reporting responsibilities for the agency.


The annual budget for the agency is approximately $164 million. Budgeting responsibilities include: requesting annual appropriations from the governor and legislature, assisting with the state plan to meet federal requirements, preparation of a budget work program through the Office of State Finance, and preparation of each division's annual budget.

Accounting includes processing claims for payroll, travel reimbursement, supplies, equipment, staff development, and operational payments to technology centers and secondary schools. All expenditures must be charged to correct division, fund, account, sub-account, object, and source codes and then be reconciled monthly with records from the Office of State Finance.

Auditing staff conduct annual internal audits of skills centers, contracts, and grants, as well as, continuously monitor internal controls and procedures. The audit function also involves a large amount of technical assistance to state staff in order to avoid outside audit problems.

Federal and state laws require the preparation of various monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. Additionally, our staff prepare hundreds of special request reports for state staff, senators, representatives, school administrators, teachers, media, and the public.

Mission Statement

To support the CareerTech System and Department by providing budgeting, accounting, and auditing services to a high standard of excellence in accordance with state and federal requirements


  • Be responsive to customer needs
  • Develop a strong working relationship with other agencies, schools, and employees
  • Provide technical assistance and orientation to all new supervisors

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Finance and Audit Staff

Lisa Batchelder, Finance Manager, 405.743.6825

Judy Brown, Senior Accountant, 405.743.5451

Debbi Butterfield, Senior Accountant, 405.743.5458

Mary Hane, Senior Accountant, 405.743.5129

Kristen Josey, Financial Analyst, 405.743.6824

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