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Chairperson / Instructor of Physical Therapy Assistant Program - Muskogee Campus

Chairperson / Instructor of Physical Therapy Assistant Program-Muskogee Campus


· Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant with current licensure/certification/registration to practice in Oklahoma

· Minimum of five (5) years clinical experience as a Physical Therapist or Physical
Therapy Assistant

· Teaching experience (clinical, didactic, continuing education, in-service)

· Experience in administration

· Experience in educational theory & methodology

· Experience in instructional design & methodology

· Experience in student evaluation and outcomes assessment


· Operate Physical Therapist Assistant Program to be in full compliance standards established by state/national accreditation agencies, Indian Capital Technology Center, and Connors State College.

· Define short and long-range educational needs for the program.

· Provide and/or assist in supervising instruction in the classroom/clinical/laboratory a setting, ensuring it is delivered in an organized, clear manner that effectively meets the needs of individual students.

· Uphold the policies and procedures of the Indian Capital Technology Center School Board of Education.

· Work with administration to identify budget needs, develop purchase plans and proposals for special funding.

· Attends all faculty/staff meetings and other school meetings and functions as required.

· Participate in the team management process and supports the organizational management philosophy of the District.

· Maintain follow-up records on former students, and submits required information to Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education, and accrediting agencies when applicable.

· Prepare and submits reports and other documents as required by the State Board of Education, State Department of Career & Technology Education and Indian Capital Technology Center School District No. 4, Connors State College, and the program areas accrediting agency.

· Assist in setting the agenda for Advisory Committee meetings.

· Maintain and keeps confidential required student records.

· Participate in evaluation(s) of his/her own performance with the District Administrator or Coordinator for Nursing and Health Careers Education.

· Maintain the program in compliance with ODCTE and program accrediting agency standards.

· Plan and provide classroom instruction and lab training for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program.

· Prepare course outlines, lesson plans, and instructional materials, for group and individualized instruction.

· Periodically review and revise program, curriculum, course outlines and lesson plans as needed to ensure currently with the profession and alignment with accrediting agency standards.

· Maintain proper discipline in the classroom in order to provide a learning atmosphere for students and to promote professionalism.

· Evaluate results of instruction and student progress in order to make appropriate modifications.

· Organize and manage both classroom and lab to insure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the teaching/learning process.

· Maintain a clean, orderly, secure, and safe classroom/lab and office.

· Operate and maintain a positive classroom/lab which minimizes student discipline problems.

· Initiate and participate in a minimum of one Advisory Committee meeting per year.

· Established and maintain efficient procedures for timely maintenance of classroom/lab equipment.

· Maintain accurate attendance, progress, and performance records on each student.

· Available and willing to attend training in order to upgrade knowledge and skills.

· Perform tasks, assume duties, and exercise authority as may be required to accomplish the job functions as directed by the Campus Director, District Administrator for Nursing and Health Careers Education, and/or Superintendent.

· Assist in the recruitment of students by providing potential students with information about the program.

· Assist students with education and career decisions and in locating resource material for personal and academic needs.

· Develop a planned activity schedule that is consistent with local and state guidelines.

· Develop a working relationship with student organization sponsors at Indian Capital Technology Center.

· Implement plans for HOSA participation in skill and leadership activities at local, district, regional, state, and national levels.

· Assume responsibility for Job Placement.

· Assist with the preparation and administration of the program budget.

· Use efficient procedures to control expenditures of school funds within the program budget and school code.

· Maintain an inventory of equipment and supplies.

· Submit requests for equipment, repair of equipment, and supplies needed for the operation of the instructional program.

· PERSONNEL: Participate in an annual evaluation of his/her performance with the District Administrator for Nursing and Health Careers or other designated administrator.

· PROFESSIONAL AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS: Maintain a line of communication and works cooperatively with instructor, administration, staff, clinical, and community contacts.

· Maintain professional competence through participation in professional and civic activities.

· Establish and maintain a close working relationship with the staff at the Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education, Connors State College, and program accrediting agencies

· Develops and maintains contacts with community agencies for the purpose of advisory recommendations, student placement and/or career plans.

· Keep informed through suppliers regarding technological updates and other pertinent information for upgrading program.

· PUBLIC RELATIONS: Promote the program through community related activities.

· Promote programs and services through established personal contacts

· Represent Indian Capital Technology Center at business and civic meetings and exhibitions.

· RELATIONSHIPS INTERNAL: Advise, consult, and coordinate with the instructors, staff, Campus Director, Assistant to the Campus Director, District Administrator for Nursing and Health Careers Education, and/or and Superintendent.

· EXTERNAL: Develop and maintain contact with business/industry for the purpose of obtaining program recommendations and student placement

· Works with Connors State College, the Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education, program accrediting agencies, and other organizations/bodies in delivery of services related to the industry for which the program area/career major trains.

· Responsible for instruction and as the expert in program area, and with support from administration provide organization, administration, continuous review, planning, development and ensure general effectiveness of the program area.

· Adept and current in basic skills related to the program area/career major, and able to effectively counsel and educate students. In addition, poses the following skills: Supervisory and organizational, Excellent interpersonal, Consultation and communication, Facilitation and coordination.

· Regular attendance following a designated work schedule. Must be able to work extended hours and additional days/evenings as required by position responsibilities. Must be able to attend and participate in meetings, conferences as scheduled within the District, State, or other states.

· Able to read and comprehend varied and extensive written documents, regulations and reference materials. Able to meet and confer with individuals and/or groups concerning a variety of subjects, including confidential matters. Able to operate a 4-wheeled vehicle in order to travel statewide. Requires lifting, handling and carrying of such articles as books, manuals, files, and other related items. Able to lift 50 pounds from floor to a four foot level.

· Frequent deadlines requiring concentrated effort and overtime work. Must work on a variety of projects at the same time. Must deal with major issues and problems which can create high stress. Must deal with multiple students working on a variety of projects simultaneously. Must carry out daily long term instructional preparation requiring concentration efforts and over-time work. Must work with administration to deal with student discipline program.


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