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Professional Development

The Oklahoma Department of CareerTech is dedicated to providing professional development opportunities to all staff members. Listed below are the training opportunities and resources currently available.

Professional Development Resources:

E-books discussing different subjects have been published online in the Professional Development Center, through ICAT and are currently available to all staff. These resources also provide guidance through professional development planning, access to virtual mentoring, as well as other training tools.

Deer Oaks, CareerTech's Employee Assistance Program, hosts monthly webinars on a variety of topics. Monthly emails are sent out to all staff members detailing current topics and instructions for joining each class.

Meridian Technology Center offers discounted professional skill-building courses year round. These classes are often offered online or in the classroom. If there is a course you wish to take, please contact your Human Resources department.

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services offers a variety of professional development classes each year.
Click here for the Spring 2014 Training & Development Workshop Schedule.
Click here for the Spring 2014 Workshop Instructions and Information.

Online classes, books, and learning materials specific to your needs often qualify for Human Resources professional development funds to purchase. If there is a professional development opportunity or training resource not listed here that you wish to receive, please contact your Human Resource Division with details.

In the event that you become aware of a conference or workshop that is specific to your role within the agency, you may also contact Human Resources for funding available to cover registration fees.

Training Opportunities:

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