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STEAMmaker Camp

STEAMmaker is moving to Waller Middle School in Enid.

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You are invited to join the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech and ESSDACK as we conduct STEAMmaker Camp!

STEAMmaker camp is for teachers and students to get hands on in Science, Tinkering, Engineering, Aesthetics, Mathematics + the Maker Movement in education.

At STEAMmaker camp teachers who are looking to develop innovative learning spaces, where students are fully engaged in learning are clamoring to learn how to create these environments. Teachers will be embedded as true members of their team with their students. They will also be parallel learners in the process of creating/operating a STEAMmaker space in their own schools which they will be able to start with a core set of experienced learners. This is an opportunity to have students and teachers experience how one phenomenal environment works. Teachers will learn and develop project based teaching strategies and have the opportunity to work with their students in a MakerSpace. This is not another sit and git professional development activity, you will get "hands on" with your students and leave exhausted, but excited about the possibilities that await you in your own classroom.

At STEAMmaker camp teachers learn beside their students and work with them as they experience a hands-on learning environment unlike their traditional school classroom. Here, they will get to think, ideate, prototype, test, and publish answers to challenges that are issued to them, as well as working on self-designed challenges. They will work in teams to create answers to various challenges, all while fostering a sense of independence and joy in learning. And as a result, they will develop leadership to be a core member of a STEAMmaker movement in their own schools/districts, should they choose to take summer camp back home! We want campers who are risk-takers, who are hands-on tinkerers, who have experimenting and building in their blood! We want artists and performers. We want campers who are willing to think and learn differently than the typical kid. We want campers who could change the world, if only they were given a chance. NOW is your chance!

This stuff all around us? It was invented and built by people. And I'd like to think it was invented and built by people no smarter than we are. So why can't we invent and build stuff too? What makes us think we need some sort of special tool belt? Some special gene? Some special studio? There's absolutely no reason why can't we start right here and right now. No reason at all.

Nontraditional Careers

STEAMmaker camp will highlight nontraditional career options and workers in nontraditional careers will speak to students. The camps will give teachers strategies to present nontraditional careers to students in order to help them make career choices.

Challenges and Topics

Teams will be given challenges and topics, such as:

  • Solve a global problem
  • Invent something that ____
  • Create a _____
  • Start a business that _____
  • Design a solution for ______

After running their solutions through a design-thinking process, teams will present their products and ideas to a panel of interested experts for feedback. These challenges will be issued only to the participating teams. This is a workshop that will hook some of the most intellectually capable learners into something beyond book work. It will also ignite sparks inside the hearts of some of the most reluctant learners. Come play and learn with us!

Want to know more? Watch the video below.

Still not convinced? Watch what a teacher has to say about camp.



Details At a Glance

WHERE: Waller Middle School, 2604 W. Randolph, Enid, OK

WHEN: June 7-10, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (optional)

  • June 7-9 with teams of students
  • June 10 - teachers only for a one-day project based learning training (no optional evening portion)

WHO: Teams of 2 teachers and 5-8 students, in grades 6-10 (rising)

WHAT: Come learn, play, and invent in this super-awesome camp using littleBits, MaKey MaKeys, ArtSnacks (and more), and kids’ awesome summertime imaginations!

WHY: It’s super fun to geek out with your friends and a have great summer camp experience! And teachers will get high-quality, hands-on experience on how to make and run their own MakerEd space.

Apply to attend STEAMMaker Camp

Teachers who wish to attend STEAMMaker Camp must complete the application process. Teams will be selected and notified as soon as possible. Teams will be responsible for transportation and meals expenses during camp.

STEAMMaker Application


Do you have more questions about STEAMmaker Camp? Contact for more information.

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