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Training Services


The Oklahoma Department of CareerTech Computer and Software Training Program is provided by the Systems Design and Computer Services staff as a value-added service to agency staff. The program is designed to improve staff efficiency and effectiveness with the standard computer equipment and software packages used in the course of completing the agency’s work. Six difference phases of training are available in the program:

Training phases 1, 2, and 3 are available from the SDCS staff as needed:

  1. A dose of one-on-one training—this training is available on an as-needed basis. To participate the user calls Computer Support at  X173 or e-mails/calls Rose Primeaux at  X523. Rose Primeaux or another appropriate SDCS staff member will come to the user’s aide and help you through your immediate training need or with your project need. If a user needs to learn about agency’s standard computer equipment or one of the standard software packages, a training coordinator can do one-on-one training to meet your immediate need or requirement.
  2. Customized group training—this training is for three or more people, whether it is divisional or cross-divisional training that arises when there is special training needs. To participate, call Customer Support at X173 or e-mail or call Rose Primeaux at  X523 to arrange or schedule a customized group training session.
  3. Electronic content training—there is some electronic training through different web sites and can be used in the Learning Center or at your desk. Some of the courses that are available are through Microsoft Office’s web site. To participate, call Customer Support at X173 or e-mail or call Rose Primeaux at X523 to get the specific web site training. Rose can also research different software training as needed.

Training next three phases 1, 2, and 3 may be made available off-site and are coordinated through Human Resources. This training will need your supervisor and management staff approval and also depend on budget expenditure allowances.

  1. Technology Centers—a special training need that is not met at the CareerTech agency, but this training is offered at one of the technology centers. Rose Primeaux can help coordinate the arrangements.
  2. Third-party training—a special training need not offered at the CareerTech agency or at a technology center. Some of this training may be offered at for-profit sites.
  3. Specialized vendor training—a special training need that requires a vendor-specific training or training program.

Immediate Online Training

Computer Tips
Microsoft Access 2007
Microsoft Excel 2007
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft Word 2007

Request Training

Please complete the Training Request Form to request training for yourself or a group.


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