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Oklahoma CareerTech Agency User Services

The user services staff supports agency desktop information technology resources. Software, hardware, and printing resources are deployed and supported throughout their life cycle in accordance with the agency technology plan. User Services assists staff at the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech Education with daily operations and special events that require CareerTech IT resources.


When a new employee is hired their user account will be active on their “effective start date” which is completed on the Personnel Action Form (PAF).

Official agency software installed on the computer will be Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office Suite 2007, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Exchange (e-mail), Castelle FaxPress, virus protection, and firewall protection (laptops only). Specialized licensed software is available on a license availability basis. No other “user installed” software is allowed without Systems authorization.

Specialized software can also be purchased with your division manager’s approval using the Technology Request Form on the Systems website. Funding for this software may or may not be purchased through Systems budget.

Users will have access to divisional and area “hall” printers.

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