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Strategic Plan


We are securing Oklahoma's future by developing a world-class workforce.


We prepare Oklahomans to succeed in the workplace, in education, and in life.


We believe...

  • We are industry-focused, student-centered, and performance-driven
  • We operate as a unified system dedicated to serving our customers.
  • Employers are our ultimate customers as we focus on student success.
  • Innovation and flexibility are the keys to meeting our customers' needs.
  • We are essential partners in Oklahoma's education and economic development systems.
  • We are accountable, as stewards, for the actions, resources, quality, and outcomes of our system.


  1. Accelerate Oklahoma's economic growth.
  2. Ensure implementation of consistent standards and accountabilities.
  3. Strategically improve agency operation and effectively manage resources to lead the CareerTech system.
  4. Market the value of the CareerTech system.
  5. Create and promote a systemic culture that values diversity and inclusion.

System Performance Measures

Performance measures assure that our system is meeting a predetermined benchmark of performance during a specified time frame. By monitoring these measures, we are able to make appropriate adjustments in the services and programs we offer to better meet the needs of our customers.

Download PDF file of Current Strategic Plan

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