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Brainbench Virtual Testing Center

Career Tech virtual testing site through Brainbench.

The Career Tech Virtual Testing Center is a tool to help our customers become part of the ever-changing employment market. With this tool our customers have access to industry certification tests through a third-party vendor, Brainbench.

More than 600 on-line tests are available FREE to our Career Tech customers with immediate results e-mailed to the test taker.

Test takers will need three secure pieces of information to log on to the virtual testing center: user name, password and course ID.  The user name and password are sent to all interested CareerTech instructors. To generate the course ID, each CareerTech instructor will use the following  link:  Course ID

To aid the instructor, all results will be tracked for each test taker. The instructor can access the data by this link. Brainbench Student Reports

Test takers can allow employers to view their resume at any time at the following web address.


  • Industry Recognized Certification placing Brainbench Certified on their resumes
  • Instant grading of all tests and results are e-mailed directly to the test taker
  • Brainbench certificate ($5.00 per certificate with use of promo code). To view a copy of a certificate and get the promo code click here. Certificates may only be purchased using a credit card on-line.
  • Test and certify online
  • On-line portfolio of skills
  • All test takers and tests tracked with a real-time database
  • Report of strengths and weaknesses

Instructions for using Brainbench VTC.

Account Options:

  • Brainbench Home - Brainbench is a 3rd party testing site.  Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education has partnered with Brainbench to bring this VTC to our customers.
  • Take a Test - Test takers will find access to all of the Brainbench test at this link.
  • My Plan - Test takers can set up their test and plan the time and day they would like to complete the test.
  • Modify My Account - Changes to your account are accomplished at this link.   All additional information placed on the resume will be uploaded at this link.
  • View/E-mail Transcript - Access to the customer's transcript will be located at this link.  The transcript can be e-mailed to the person of your choice.
  • Order Certificates - Test takers are given the opportunity to purchase certificates for all test passed.  The certificates will cost $5.00 each with the use of the promo code provided at the link above.  Certificates may only be purchased using a credit card on-line.
  • Log Off - Please log off the Virtual Testing Center when you have completed your testing.
  • Career Tech Centers - For additional training please check this link for a list of information and links to all Career Technology Centers in Oklahoma.
  • Career Tech Divisions - For your convenience a direct link is provided to all Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education divisions.

Please read all instructions before starting a test.  Each test will be timed.

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