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Cooperative Alliance

Marketing material to be used when promoting the Cooperative Alliances

Cooperative Alliance Main Logo


“College credit now, degree tomorrow” is the tagline adopted by the Cooperative Alliance Marketing Advisory Board. It should be used when appropriate in communication materials such as brochures, websites, etc.


Logos are provided in several different sizes, both vertical and horizontal formats. The logo was designed in PMS 124c, 186c and black. However, due to the shading of the logo, 4-color process was utilized. In addition, logos are provided in a single-color (black) version for use when appropriate. Although the size of the logo may be enlarged or reduced, details of the logo must remain legible.

Cooperative Alliance Logo Download

Download a zipped file of all Cooperative Alliance files. Includes color and gray scale, .eps and .jpg for both Mac and Windows based computers.

Download the file

Color and font

Consistent use of color and font plays an important role in maintaining a strong visual identity system.The font is Rotis Serif Bold



Primary Logo

Cooperative Alliance Program

The primary horizontal logo is the preferred logo. This logo should be used no smaller than 1.25" in width.

Secondary Logos

Secondary logos are approved for use. However, the primary logo should be used whenever possible.



Vertical CAP Logo

The vertical logo can be used when a more vertical logo is needed. This logo should be used no smaller than 1.25" in width.

CA _ CAP Logo

The CA logo should be used no smaller than 1.25" in width.

Blank CAP Logo

The blank Logo is designed to be used in viewbook applications and to be used no smaller than .25" in width and no larger than 1.25" in width. If the blank logo is to be used, it should be used with a Legend explaining what the logo represents.

Expired Logos

It is expected that all partners will phase in the new logo and identity immediately. Expired logo's on websites and electronic communications should be removed immediately. Usage in print publications should begin with the immediately with upcoming revisions of publications.



Expired CAP logo


Expired CAP logo


Expired CAP logo

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