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BISCP Information

Welcome to the Business and Industry Services Certification Program

Mission of the Business and Industry Services Certification Program (BISCP):

We develop and train technology center representatives as Business and Industry Services Coordinators to more effectively meet the training needs of Oklahomans.

Objectives for the BIS Certification Program (BISCP):

Participants will:
*Build an effective human resource network.
*Explain the basics of the Oklahoma CareerTech System.
*Use and improve team building skills.
*Implement results-based interventions.
*Conduct performance consulting and needs assessment.
*Market services to internal and external customers.
*Use and improve communication skills.
*Implement ODCTE documentation and data requirements.

2013-2014 BISCP Dates

September 25-26, 2013

Meridian Technology Center, Stillwater

November 14-15, 2013

Lexington Skills Center, Lexington

Mid America Technology Center, Wayne

March 5-6, 2014

Mid Del Technology Center, Midwest City

Each participant will participate in Strengths-Based Leadership, Building Business Acumen, and Helping Clients to Succeed training programs.

To register click here.

Link to Powerpoints

Rena Hines Presentation, MTC, 9/25

Rebecca Eastham Presentation, MTC, 9/25

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis Leadership Project

SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Tim Hight Growing a Local Economic Development Effort

Greg Kieson Community Building using Incubators

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