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When You Plan, Plan for Success!

Now that some careers have caught your attention, it is time to develop a plan to reach your goal. Planning ahead for high school courses and beyond will provide the needed requirements for graduation, higher education, and work. You will need a copy of your school transcript and school handbook that lists course requirements and electives. Use the menu on the left side of this page to go to the Plan of Study.

How Do I Plan?

Use the plan of study. It is designed to help you plan and make satisfying career decisions. Think of a plan of study as a road map. Just as you use a road map to help you see the different ways you can get to the destination of your choice, a plan of study can help you plan the way you want to go on your career path and how you want to get there.

Student Plan

A blank student plan of study is provided for six- and seven-period days, block schedule, and trimester schedule. Talk to your parents, counselor, and/or teacher advisor for help in developing your plan of study. Early career planning is essential so that you can schedule all the courses you need to take to be successful in your career pathway.  Remember to review your plan often with your parents and school officials.  Your interests will probably change as you grow older. Adjustments can and should be made to the plan if your interests or circumstances change. 
Sample Plan of Study

There is a sample Career Cluster Plan of Study for each of the 16 career clusters. Each plan shows you sequenced instruction that provides you with a solid career and technical base, state graduation requirements, and college entrance requirements. It is not designed for you to take exactly what is listed. However, if followed exactly, you would meet the three requirements listed above. You can customize online and print a copy of the Career Cluster Plan of Study. The choice and sequence of subjects are the responsibility of you and your parent and should be made according to your specific career plans.

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