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How Do I Get There?

The next step is to decide which education or training you will need to meet your career goal.
Did you find the education needed for the careers you are looking at? The links described below can help you can find the education or training that is available.

» You will need a worksheet for this. Click HERE to DOWNLOAD and and then PRINT this Worksheet. You will find the links to the resources you need in the left side column. One thing to look for as you are searching is the type of training required to do that job.

Oklahoma's Technology Centers

Do any of these programs provide training that can lead to work or further training to prepare you for a two- or four-year college degree? Check it out!
This site will show you the locations of all Oklahoma technology centers . Click on the map, or scroll down the page and click on the name of the technology center closest to you. This will take you to the technology center's home page. Each home page is different with varied information on programs. Look for career programs, career training, or full-time courses for programs offered at that technology center. Generally, these programs are available to you when you are in the 11th and 12th grades.

College credit is available for many of the programs offered. Check with your counselor for more information. These programs can train you for certain careers and can serve as a steppingstone to a higher degree.


Today's Military

Choose Today's Military in the menu on the left of this page. Then Click on “Students Considering the Military.” Scroll down and click on “Military Careers.” Choose “Occupations available to enlisted personnel” and/or “Occupations available to officers” and a category. Click on an occupational title to reach the summary.

Many civilian occupations are also available in the military.

Oklahoma Colleges and Universities

Click on “Colleges and Universities.” Click on “List of Colleges” or on the map to locate all Oklahoma colleges/universities homepage.

College Major

Figuring out why you're going to college at all is a good first step in figuring out what your major should be . This site provides basic information, high school preparation, and schools offering the major.

» Next Step: Plan your course schedule. Click on 'Develop a Plan' in the top menu.