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What Do I Know?

Once you have taken the Interest Inventory and started to research the clusters and occupations that match your interests you can begin to look at specific occupations.

You will need a worksheet for this. DOWNLOAD and PRINT Worksheet. You will find the links to the resources you need in the left side column. One thing to look for as you are searching is the education required to do that job. Use the Educational Options above to find training.

Descriptions of Resources available on the Internet

Oklahoma Career Information System (OKCIS)
This is an online comprehensive career information system containing career exploration tools and career information. This system can locate and sort 450 occupations. Password protected. Check with your counselor to see if your school or agency can give you access to OKCIS. This software is available for purchase, contact 1-800-654-4502.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
The Occupation Outlook Handbook (OOH) is a nationally recognized source of career information that describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earning, and expected job prospects in a wide variety of occupations.

Licensed and Certified Occupations
If your career requires licensure or certification, or if you are not sure – go to this site. Choose the state search method. Scroll down to Oklahoma and/or another state of your choice and click on “Search.” Locate the occupations of choice. Click on the column next to the occupational field to view the “Licensing Board.” This section will give you the address and phone number for the licensing board of that occupation. To learn more about the specific license, click on the occupational title.

Occupational Videos
Approximately 450 career videos are available and show real people doing real work. Occupations are grouped into broad industry areas , or you can find careers that have similar characteristics such as, working outside, require only On-the-Job training, or are eligible for apprenticeships.

Industry Videos
There are five specific industry videos. Each video describes the industry, occupations within the industry, and the associated educational requirements. Each career video is available in Windows Media Player and Real Player.

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Career Information System

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Licensed and Certified Occupations

Occupational Videos
450 career videos
By cluster
By characteristics

Industry Videos