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Helpful Career Links

Here are some websites that have lots of career information that you might find helpful in your efforts to learn about: yourself and your interests; educational opportunities; occupational information; job search sites; employability skills; and more.

Follow the links provided below the website description or in the left side menu.

What's Next

This site targeted to high school students contains a self-assessment
survey, links to technology centers and job search sites, employability
skills resources, and career planning.

Career Voyager

Web site features detailed information about the fastest-growing industries
and occupations, the skills and education required to prepare for them,
job openings by area, and wages, licensing requirements and growth
rates for numerous occupations. Although some career paths described on
the Web site require a four-year degree, Career Voyages expands
postsecondary opportunities to include on-the-job training, apprenticeship
programs for skilled trades, and two-year professional degree programs
at community colleges that lead to promising careers.

It's a welcoming community for all youth. Here you can start thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life. This Web site was built to help you plan for the future. What will you do after high school? Will you work? Go to college? Live in a place of your own? By using this Web site, you can plan for your future right now!

Making the right plans for your future during your high school years will save you time and money. Many of the steps you followed in this program can be used again as you explore other occupations. Good luck in your future.