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Career Cluster Sample Plan of Study

Click on one or two of your Career Cluster icons below (your clusters were determined by your Career Cluster Interest Inventory). Online you can view, customize, and print the plan of study. The cluster plan of study is a template that should be used as a tool to help you choose appropriate course work to prepare for a career and advanced educational opportunities. This template should be customized to reflect your school's current course offerings as well as those at your local technology center and colleges.

Agriculture cluster Architecture Cluster Arts, AV Technology & Communication Plan of Study Business, Management & Administration Plan of Study
Education and Training Cluster Finance Plan of Study Government & Public Administration Plan of Study Health Sciences Cluster
Hospitality & Tourism Plan of Study Human Services Plan of Study Information Technology Plan of Study Law, Public Safety & Security Plan of Study
Manufacturing Plan of Study Marketing Sales & Service Plan of Study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Cluster Transportation Plan of Study

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(clus « ter) n.
Is a grouping of occupations and
broad industries based on commonalities