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KeyTrain™ is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use system for improving the basic skills measured by the WorkKeys® Employment System. Using KeyTrain, you can assess your potential WorkKeys score, review topics in each WorkKeys skill area, and practice problems similar to those on an actual WorkKeys assessment.

The KeyTrain system includes targeted, self-paced instruction, pre- and post-assessments, a complete learning management system and an occupational job profiles database. These components can be used to help individuals learn, practice and demonstrate the skills they need to succeed in the jobs and careers they desire.

KeyTrain is being used by One-Stops, WIA's, secondary schools, businesses, WorkKeys service centers, ACT CentersSM, school-to-work consortiums and individuals. KeyTrain is available on CD-ROM's, print, or over the Internet.

KeyTrain is the first computer-based training available which was specifically designed for WorkKeys. KeyTrain is also the first curriculum to be accepted as a Level 1 preferred curriculum provider for WorkKeys. This means that the KeyTrain system has been reviewed by ACT, which has determined that KeyTrain meets ACT's standards for WorkKeys training curriculum.

ACT, Inc.'s WorkKeys, a Registered Trademark, is a job profiling system that helps businesses identify the skills and skill levels employees must have to perform particular jobs effectively.

WorkKeys is ACT's response to the challenge of creating a national system to upgrade workplace skills (e.g., Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, Listening and Writing, Locating Information, Applied Technology, Teamwork, Observation and Business Writing).

WorkKeys gives individuals a clear picture of the skill levels they need to qualify for and be successful in the jobs they want.  When used with the assessments, instruction, and reporting, job profiling allows students and workers to make decisions about appropriate jobs and to identify areas they need to strengthen in pursuing their education and career goals.

WorkKeys Job Profiling is conducted by job analysts who have been trained and authorized by Work Keys industrial/organizational psychologists.


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