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OKCIS Fall 2011 Release Enhancements

OKCIS development never ends, and this fall you are going to have numerous exciting enhancements to improve your experience with OKCIS. Our fall release brings many changes and new features in addition to a complete update of information. Below are listed many of the major enhancements you can expect.


  • The greening of our occupational information continues.  71 existing occupations now have a green Overview and Task List.
  • Green icons will be added to the occupations index designating green occupations.
  • A filter will allow you to find occupations in a whole new way, for example, by wages and by education level.
  • A new set of industry information files that discusses factors impacting the industry, occupations within the industry and what occupations are green within them.
Job Search
  • The Job Search information received a makeover. Its navigation and format will look more like Paying for School and About the Military.
  • Relevant job search topics will link with My Education and Work History in the OKCIS portfolio, providing guidance for users as they enter their resume information.
Green Jobs
  • Learn more about the green industries, and occupations working to make a better planet.
  • Six videos about the greening of the world of work.
  • Users will be able to “Save” the Entrepreneurship Quiz now called “Be Your Own Boss” in their portfolios.

Assessments and Sorts

School Sort
  • An entirely new School Sort will be introduced in the fall. Changes include additional sorting criteria, improved navigation, and the ability to personalize the lists.
  • The Entrepreneurship Quiz called “Be Your Own Boss” will be listed under the Assessments.


All Assessments

  • Users will be able to organize their lists by important factors, such as level of education.

Career Plan

  • New Adult My Career Plan (adult sites only) contains both a quick and comprehensive planner to help adults map career and life plans.


My Career Plan
  • My Plan (high school sites only) adds new financial planning activities and reflection fields.
My Checklist
  • Sites will now be able to assign checklists to users to track their work in OKCIS and other assigned school determined activities.
My Visitor Accounts
  • Users will be able to invite guests to view specified sections of their portfolios and send and receive messages from one another.
My Parent Accounts
  • Schools will be able to set up accounts for parents and invite them to view student portfolios. Parents and students will be able to send and receive messages from one another.
My Messages
  • Users will be able to send messages back to OKCIS Site Coordinators and site staff that send them messages through OKCIS.
My Education and Work History
  • Links to the Job Search information and My Career Plan will provide additional guidance while entering personal data in the portfolio.

Administration Tools

  • Site administrators will be able to assign statewide checklists to individual users or groups of users.
  • Sites will be able to upload documents for users to use within their portfolios.
  • Site administrators will be able to set up parent access.
  • If checklists have been activated by a site, the checklist report will show how students are doing on checklist activities.
  • District Account Administrators (people overseeing users in multiple sites, for example, for a school district or a state agency with many branches) will be able to run reports on all sites or a subset, look up individual portfolios, and complete data maintenance for sites in the district.

Site Resources

On-Line Curriculum
  • PowerPoint, handouts and lessons have been updated.

In case you missed the Jan 2011 enhancements—here is a recap!


New For the User

  • Multiple portfolioscan be merged (by staff through OKCIS Administration Tools)
  • Users can change their user name and password
  • A new print feature in portfolio “Print“with a selection screen that indicates what has been saved in the portfolio. Users can select specific topics within sections to print. The Combined Report of Occupations can also be printed from this screen, and users now can move directly to the resume format and print screen from this page.
  • Users will receive both emailed and portfolio messages when messages are sent through Administration Tools, if they include an e-mail address in Personal Information.
  • Save reminders have been added to My Education & Work History, with additional buttons and a color prompt to help users remember to save the data they enter. “Save” is now at top and bottom of each entry page. If users enter data without saving, “Save” turns red .

Administration Tools

  • The layout to view and print individual portfolios matches the new layout users view. This layout provides additional controls of the view and print. Selection screen indicates what has been saved in the portfolio, and staff can select specific sections within components.
  • Ability to view and print the Combined Report of Occupations added to the individual portfolio reports. (This report combines and compares the results from multiple OKCIS assessments, Career Quest, and Occupations saved in My OKCIS Favorites.)
Data Maintenance
  • Staff members can manage their own OKCIS Administration Tools accounts once they have been set up by the OKCIS Site Coordinator. A staff member with a Staff Account can change his or her user name, password, and e-mail address.
  • Staff can send messages to their own and user’s e-mail accounts (if an e-mail address is listed in their personal or staff account Information.
  • When users create more than one portfolio in OKCIS, staff can merge them into a single portfolio.