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OKCIS offers many resources for users and trainers. These and other resources are also available at okcis.intocareers.org under Materials.

  • EOI and OKCIS Corresponding Practice Tests
  • OKCIS offers practice tests for many of the EOI alternative tests. This is a list of alternative test, minimum cut scores, and corresponding OKCIS practices tests.

  • OKCIS Assessment Outcomes
  • OKCIS offers many different assessments. This chart will help you see what each assessment evaluates.


  • OKCIS Bookmarks - insert your user id and password - print - cut - distribute to users.  
  • OKCIS Brochure
  • What is OKCIS? This brochure tells about many features of OKCIS. It is a great general information brochure to use with parents, administrators, and the community.



  • Test Prep Flyer
  • Use this flyer to let your students know that the school has the OKCIS test prep packages. The poster also tells the students how to access the tests. This flyer is also available in poster-size through our office.

  • Test Prep Flyer Detailed Information
  • Information on all the tests available through the academic and civil service test prep packages.


OKCIS Paying for School Features

  • Learn what it takes to fill out the FAFSA in this entertaining 5-minute video.

  • OKCIS Paying for School Brochure
  • This brochure is a great way to help students and their parents see all the features in OKCIS that help them find scholarships, grants, link to school financial aid sites, and learn about loans. It also includes a Paying for School Worksheet. This is a great brochure to use at parent and scholarship evenings.




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