Oklahoma Transition Institute Presentations

    1) Alternative Means for Students with Disabilities to Obtain Graduation Credits
          Presented by: Malissa Cook and Andy Kimberling     Click here to view
     2) The Development of a Rural Transition Program (Roland H.S.)
          Presented by:Tammy Hall and Kathryn Marquez      
     3) Transition 101 and the New Mexico Experience
          Presented by:Ginger Blalock      Click here to view
      4) Transition Specialist    WHY YOUR SCHOOL SHOULD HAVE ONE?
           Presented by: Nancy Goosen        Click here to view
      5) SS Work Incentives 2006 Oklahoma Benefits Planning Presentation
          Presented by:> Jill Burgess            Click here to view
      6) Career Clusters 101
           Presented by: Denise Christy        Click here to view
       7) Creating and Using Community Transition Teams To Improve Transition
           Services and Outcomes      Presented by: Ginger Blalock        Click here to view
       8) Mustang Job Training Center                      Click here to view    
       9) Transition Work Adjustment Training Program (picture slide show)>
          Presented by:Nancy Goosen      
     10) Using Oklahoma Career Information System (OKCIS) as a Tool for
          Successful Transition   Presented by: Jo Kahn      Click here to view

Information Briefs

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