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A Learning Activity Packet

Basic Business Correspondence

Major Instructional Area/Course                    e-mails, Memos, and Letters

LAP One Title                                              e-mail

LAP Objective

Upon completion of this LAP, you will be able to:

·       Write an effective email

·       Write clearly and concisely

You will demonstrate competency by completing the assignments, and the test in this LAP with 85% accuracy.

Specific Objectives:

  • Demonstrate skill in writing person emails
  • Identify  the audience of you email
  • Include a subject
  • Include all the details
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation
  • Proofread the email

References:        Writing in the Workplace, Marylyn Calabrese, M.D.

Better Business Writing, Susan L. Brock

LAP 1-AC-memo&letter


Prerequisite(s)   None

Time Range 2 hrs


Directions: Write a check on the blank as you complete each step

______  1.  READ                                 LAP and Specific Objectives listed on cover page of this LAP #1-AC-memo&letter.


______  2.  READ and STUDY:              Information Sheet #1, “Purpose,” page 3.

______  3.  READ and STUDY:              Information Sheet #2, “Audience,” page 3.

______  4.  DO:                                    Activity Sheet #1, page 3.

______  6. READ and STUDY:               Information Sheet # 3 “Details,” page 5.

______  5.  DO                                     Performance Sheet #1, page 5.

Information Sheet #1

e-mail Purpose

The single thought of message of the e-mail should be stated in the first sentence or two.  This will make it easier for the reader to understand the focus of the e-mail.  Customers will be able to know exactly what you want to say.  The subject line also gives the reader the main idea in just a word or two.  If you are writing an e-mail to tell your co-workers about a meeting, an appropriate subject would be “Activity Committee Meeting” or something similar to convey the main idea.  It is also easy for the reader to come back to it if the subject is in the e-mail list.

Information Sheet #2

 e-mail Audience WHO?

Who is your audience?  In business writing, it is usually customers or clients, supervisors, co-workers, suppliers, and the public.  Your business documents must address many audiences (or readers).  These people have different wants and needs, interest levels and understanding.  Depending on their knowledge, readers will need different amounts and types of information.  Is your audience one person? A group?   Peers?  Strangers?  Business Associates?

E-mail Writing Tips:

1.     Write a subject line that is concise and clear.

2.     Be brief and get to the point

3.     Be careful what you write.  E-mail should not be used to convey confidential information.

4.     Use bullets, numbers, bold, underline, etc., when appropriate.

5.     Don’t write in CAPS.  It is considered screaming online.

6.     Don’t write emails that include jokes, sarcasm, or anger.

7.               PROOFREAD!!

Below is a “Print Screen” of your teacher’s email account. 







Activity Sheet #1

Write an email to your teacher (    You may write about anything you like.  Be courteous, conversational, clear, and specific, clear.  Include a subject.  Please Proofread for errors.

Information Sheet #3


Where?  Why? When?  How?

What details does the reader need? 

Where is the meeting taking place?

Why do I need to know this information? 

When is the deadline?  What time?

How can I get what I need?  How can I tell you what you need to know?

Performance Sheet #1

Write an e-mail to your teacher (  Make up an imaginary meeting and include Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?   You will be graded on grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

Your grade will be determined by this check off sheet:


















Easy to understand?


Grammar, Punctuation?


e-mail courtesy


        total   (100 Possible)