parent guides and resources

Most experts agree that parents are the most
important influence on a child’s choice of career

Listen - Be open to their ideas - Help your child find information - Don't judge

Here are some resources that can help you guide your children, whether they are preschoolers, teenagers or young adults.  Some of the resources below will direct you to websites containing additional information.


Parent Involvement Toolkit - 16 Downloadable Brochures

Starting Young

  • *Career Awareness in Elementary School: Help Your Child Discover the World of Work
    Your child can start to see the connections between school and work even when he or she is very young.   Download file PDF format
  • Helping Your Child Succeed in School: A Parent's Guide to Elementary School Success    
    There are many things parents can do to help their young children do well in elementary school.    Download file PDF format
  • Is Your Child Ready for Elementary School?
    Is Your Child Ready for Elementary School? Help your young child explore learning and develop skills that will help him or her at school. 
    Download file PDF format

School Success

  •   Discovering Your Child's Preferred Learning Style
    You can help your child learn by working with his or her preferred learning style.
        Download file PDF format 
  • Parent Involvement = Student Success
    Research shows that students get better grades, behave better and have a better chance of graduating from high school when their parents are involved in their schooling.    Download file PDF format 
  • Homework Tips and Study Skills
    Homework helps your child focus on classroom learning and develop lifelong study and concentration skills.   Download file PDF format  
  • Is Your Child Ready For Middle School?
    Help your child rise to the challenges and opportunities of middle school.
       Download file PDF format  
  • Is Your Child Ready for High School?
    With some advance planning, you can make sure your child is fully prepared for high school.   Download file PDF format  
  • What Classes Should My Child Take in Middle and High School?
    Your child's class schedule in middle and high school can greatly influence his or her success in college and the workplace. Download file PDF format

Career Exploration

  • Help Your Child Identify Interests
    Parents can help their children identify and pursue interests as the first step in career exploration.    Download file PDF format 
  • Help Your Child Make Career Decisions
    Parents can help their children make sound career decisions based on solid information about what it takes to pursue a particular career path.  
    Download file PDF format
  • Why Should My Child Explore Careers?
    Parents can help their children gain the advantages of advance planning through career exploration activities.   Download file PDF format  
  • Work Experience Options for High School Students
    Find out how students can explore work and careers through hands-on work experiences while still in high school.   Download file PDF format   

Beyond High School

  • What Should my Child Do After High School
    Your child has a better chance of succeeding in education or training after high school if she or he has a plan. Download file PDF format
  • Financial Aid Resources for Post-High School Education
    Financial Aid Resources for Post-High School Education Create a sound plan for financing education after high school with scholarships, grants, loans and work-study.   Download file PDF format   
  • Finding the Right College Help your child identify needs, obtain information, explore options and ask plenty of questions before choosing a college.
    Download file PDF format