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Testimonials from Workers with Career Readiness Certificates


Career Readiness Certificate Works:
Testimony from the Front Line - Employees

OGE logo

OG&E Energy Corp
Oklahoma City, OK

Nathan Hooper picture

"After OG&E came to North Dakota recruiting and required applicants to take the WorkKeys assessments. I wanted to work there. WorkKeys tested my abilities, assessed my strengths and weaknesses. I was surprised that I could remember statistics and mathematics and applied technology. It also prepared me for the face-to-face interviews.”

Nathan Hooper, Auxiliary Operator Trainee, OG&E, Sooner Power Plant

"I wanted to know where my strengths were and where I could expand my skill base after graduating from a two-year online program at Bismarck State College in North Dakota. When OG&E came for interviews, I learned hiring was contingent upon WorkKeys. I took the assessments because I wanted to move to Oklahoma and work for them. I like my job."
Rebecca Hartley, Auxiliary Operator Trainee, OG&E Sooner Power Plant

Rebecca Hartley picture

Pelco Products logo
Pelco Products, Inc.
Edmond, Oklahoma
Jeny Rogers

"Employees who take the WorkKeys test are able to apply and move around in the company when there is an opening. When I think about where I started – assembly – and where I am now at Pelco seven years later – it’s unbelievable. I never dreamed I’d become a team leader in the shipping department."
Jeny Rogers, Shipping Team Leader , Pelco Products, Inc. Edmond, OK

"Starting out as a line worker six years ago, hired through a temp service, I took the WorkKeys assessment two years ago and was surprised at my high score. Since then, I’ve become a team leader with the respective pay increase.

WorkKeys lets us know where we stand. We use a lot of math and reading on the job, but most important is locating information by serial and part numbers on different racks in stock.

Pelco is progressive. I see where the company is heading and want to be a part of that. I take it seriously. That’s why I’m where I am in the company now. I love my job and am still polishing my skill level. There’s always room for improvement. My goal is to become a department manager."
Earnest Brumley, Team Leader, Pelco Products, Inc. Edmond, Oklahoma

Earnest Brumley picture

Stonehouse Marketing

StoneHouse Marketing Services
Norman, OK

Alonzo Stephenson picture
"I speak Spanish and English and help with translation for other employees who speak only Spanish. I took the WorkKeys assessment on reading math and how to locate information. The tests helped me with reading, to be able to follow the rules and for the job interview. Working at StoneHouse is good not only for the job experience but for staying out of trouble and earning money. And, I like the people here."
Alonzo Stephenson, Senior, Norman North High School
Part-Time Employee - StoneHouse Marketing Services, Norman

VF Jeanswear logo
VF Jeanswear Corp.
Seminole, OK Distribution Center
"When I picked up an application, the company was just starting to require the WorkKeys test and Career Readiness Certificate. So, before I applied, I took the test to get a head start just in case I was hired. That gave me a jump start and got me ready for just about anything they throw at me. It also helped me advance in my job and earn money faster. The test took about two hours. It was fairly difficult, especially the math. But in my job, I use all three areas we were tested for – reading, math and locating information – which is especially important in my job.Coming in to a new job “raw” takes longer to learn and can be frustrating so you may not stay too long. I like my job. I’ve worked in different places. Here, the boss makes it comfortable to come to him with questions and concerns. They spoil us. I plan to stay as long as they will let me."
Jeff Cheatwood, High Bay Operator, VF Jeanswear, Seminole Distribution Center

Jeff Cheatwood picture

Ashley Morton picture " I’m a single mom and was surprised the company took me without a high school diploma, but required the WorkKeys assessment. I didn’t pass it the first time, so took the KeyTrain – and did! I like what I do. After two years working here, I am now earning $20 an hour and saving about $50 a week for tuition when I go back to school."
Ashley Morton, Dynamic Order Picker
with Ring Scanner VF Jeanswear, Seminole Distribution Center

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