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What is OAETA?

OAETA stands for Oklahoma Agricultural Education Teachers Association.

Upcoming Events

  • 2016 Region II Conference, June 19-22, College Station, TX (Please complete and Return form to Allen Miller at State FFA Convention)   Information click here

OAETA Members Children Scholarship

      Agricultural Education Directory

      OAETA Award Applications

      The following are NAAE applications.  Please complete and send to the OAETA office by April 1.


      How do I log in?

      When you click "click here to complete your online application," you will be prompted to log in to the website. If you have never logged in before or don't remember your password, click the "Can't Access Account?" link and follow the instructions to reset or set up your password. *Note - you must use the email address we have on file with your membership record.

      If you still have problems logging in, please call the NAAE office at 1-800-509-0204. The NAAE office is open from 8am until 5pm eastern time, Monday-Friday.

      Can I fill out more than one award online?

      It is possible to submit multiple NAAE awards and to have multiple award applications in progress at the same time. Simply choose the application you want to work on from the drop-down list or the page. Just be sure to hit the save button on the application you’re working on before you move to a different application.

      Working on an award over multiple sessions

      Because the awards forms are associated with your profile, you can partially complete an awards application, save it, log out, and log back in later to complete the form. The items you have attached to the application and the fields you have filled out will be saved.

      You can have multiple awards in progress at the same time, and work on those awards over an extended period of time.

      go to to complete the applications to be mailed to our office. Do not submit them to NAAE.

      • Outstanding Teacher
      • Outstanding Young Member
      • Turn The Key
      • Outstanding Secondary Program
      • Outstanding Post-Secondary Program
      • Ideas Unlimited
      • Sample Outstanding Teacher Application
      • Sample Turn The Key Application

      The following applications are State Applications and should be filed in the OAETA office by July 1.  Winners will be recognized at Summer Conference and receive a plaque!


      2016 Winners (To be Announced at Summer Conference)





      Overall Winner:

      Outstanding Young Teacher:

      Outstanding Middle/Secondary Ag Ed Program:

      Outstanding Post Secondary /Adult Ag. Ed. Program: 

      Ideas Unlimited:

      Teacher Mentor:

      Turn the Key:

      Ag-Ed Teacher Hall-of Fame:



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