Path Home Registration


To register your site and be able to test students, you will need to complete the following documents:

Note:  There is a minimum of two business days before a submitted roster will be loaded.


  • Instructor Testing Agreement (Site Administrators will need to let each instructor that will have students loaded into the system know about completing this form.)

  • Student Roster Template
    • that every column be completed for each roster of students
    • individual roster files for each group of students or for each instructor – ie separate files for different instructors or AM & PM classes, etc…
    • Save the file with the following information in the file name:
      • Site Code – your site code is in the subject line for all emails from
      • School Name
      • Instructor Name
    • Files need to be uploaded into your sFTP account.  We will download the file for processing before loading it onto the system.
    • Do Not use single numbers like 1, 2, 3, for Student ID numbers.  Please use a unique number that is at least 4 digits long.  Please check to see if your state/school requires a specific Student ID number be used for testing purposes
    • To copy information, please use the Paste Special command and choose to Paste Values only.  Do Not delete rows in this template or copy information without using the special command – doing so will delay the loading of your file into the system.
    • Instructor Information is now entered within the student roster template.  Extra columns have been added for this information.  If the students listed are to be loaded under different instructors, we require individual files.  If you are not able to do this, please list the different instructor’s information next to their students.  If all students on the template belong to the same instructor, you only have to list the instructor information once.  It doesn’t have to be repeated down the page.


Once we receive your rosters and have verified your instructors have completed the Instructor Testing Agreement, we will then load the rosters into the system and send you a roster uploaded email confirmation when you are ready to obtain the participant ids and passwords for students.