Path Home Registration


To register your site and be able to test students, you will need to complete the following documents:

Note:  There is a minimum of two business days before a submitted roster will be loaded.


  • Student Roster Template
    • that every column be completed for each roster of students
    • individual roster files for each group of students taking the same assessment
    • Save the file with the following information in the file name:
      • Site Code – your site code is in the subject line for all emails from
      • School Name
      • If the Site Code and School name are not included in the file name, the file will not be uploaded until the information can be verified
    • Files need to be uploaded into your sFTP account.  We will download the file for processing before loading it onto the system.
    • Do Not use single numbers like 1, 2, 3, for Student ID numbers.  Please use a unique number that is at least 4 digits long.  Please check to see if your state/school requires a specific Student ID number be used for testing purposes
    • To copy information, please use the Paste Special command and choose to Paste Values only.  Do Not delete rows in this template or copy information without using the special command – doing so will delay the loading of your file into the system.

Once we receive your rosters and have verified that we have a completed Site Administrator agreement on file, we will then load the rosters into the system.  A roster uploaded email confirmation will be sent when the usernames and passwords can be obtained for students.