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Nurse Aide

The Health Certification Project offers the following written certification exams for nurse aides:

  • Long Term Care
  • Home Health
  • Developmentally Disabled Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Residential Care
  • CNA II

Testing Prerequisites:

Candidate must complete an approved training program. In addition, an individual seeking recognition as a CNA II or III must hold a current Oklahoma long-term care nurse aide certification.

Testing Fees: $40, CNA - Written; $60 CNA - Clinical. CNA II and CNA III candidates do not pay for testing.

Required Documentation:

  • Original Training Verification Form signed by the training program supervisor
  • Valid, current photo identification issued by government entity within the U.S. (e.g., passport, driver's license, school-issued ID)
  • Original proof of Social Security number or taxpayer identification number (photocopies will not be accepted)
  • Oklahoma CNA certification (CNA II and III only)
  • Oklahoma CNA II certification (CNA III only)


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