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Agriculture Standards and Assessments

Occupation/Career Major
Career Tech Test ID
Agricultural Communications - see Study Guides
Agricultural Power & Technology - see Study Guides
Agriculture Education - see Study Guides
36001, 36002
Animal Science
Animal Science:  End of Instruction 46101
Equine - see Study Guides
Financial Literacy 40057
Forestry:  Forestry Aide 46905
Heavy Equipment Operator
Heavy Equipment Operation:  Operator 32325
Heavy Equipment Maintenance
Heavy Equipment Maintenance:  Heavy Equipment Mechanic 42155
Horticulture:  Field Technician 26203
Horticulture:  Florist Assistant 26201
Horticulture:  Landscape Maintenance Technician 26204
Horticulture:  Nursery Technician 26202
Introduction to Horticulture: End of Instruction 46205
Natural Resources
Natural Resources:  Environmental 46326
Natural Resources:  Parks and Recreation 46328
Natural Resources:  Range & Soil 46325
Natural Resources:  Wildlife Emphasis 46327
Plant & Soil Sciences
Plant & Soil Sciences:  Agronomics Specialist 46301
Plant & Soil Sciences:  Soils Specialist 46302
Veterinary Assistant 48619
Power Products
Gasoline Engine Mechanic 42401
Welding:  Cutting Process Operator (CPO) 24305
Welding:  Flux-Cored Arc Welder 24303
Welding:  Gas Metal Arc Welder (GMAW) 24302
Welding:  Gas Tungsten Arc Welder (GTAW) 24304
Welding:  Shielded Metal Arc Welder 24301
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