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BMITE Teacher Certification

Information page for teachers seeking BMITE teacher certification, including the career tech endorsement.

The career tech education (CTE) certification process addresses the needs of career and technology education teachers and administrators. This process is coordinated by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, in conjunction with the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Refer to the career tech education certification site for general information concerning the necessary steps for obtaining the appropriate credentials.

Certification Guide for School Staff Assignments

High School Career and Technology Education 9-12 PDF

CareerTech Business Education Endorsement

Instructors who obtain a teaching position in a Business, Marketing, or Information Technology Education career tech program are required to obtain the Business Education CareerTech Endorsement within three years. Learn more information about the CareerTech Business Endorsement.

Provisional CareerTech Certification

Provisional certification is available for certain candidates who meet the requirements. Learn more information about Provisional CareerTech Certification.

Alternative Certification

This type of certification was created for individuals who did not complete a teacher education program but have at least a baccalaureate degree corresponding to a specific certificate area.  Individuals must complete the requirements by the State Department of Education as well as completing all requirements for a CareerTech Business Endorsement.

All questions about the Alternative Certification Process should be directed to the State Department of Education. Informational inquiries may be made to the Oklahoma Alternative Placement Program at 405.521.3337, or visit the Oklahoma Department of Education web site at

New Teacher Documents

Professional Development Information

Qualifying Professional Development Hour for Teacher Certification

BMITE Professional Development

BMITE Teacher Academy

Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators (CEOE)

Select the title above to access the current computer-based or paper-based testing dates.

Preparation Materials

CEOE Study Guides


NOCTI's original mission over 50 years ago focused on assessment tools for teacher candidates. Today, NOCTI offers teacher assessments in 47 technical areas. The Teacher Assessments are administered through NOCTI's nationwide Area Test Center network. Individual states and/or higher education institutions determine how the assessments and results will be used.

CareerTech Teacher Educators Contact Information

Oklahoma State University
Mary Jo Self, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor
Occupational Education Studies
School of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership
College of Education
207 Willard Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078-4042

405.744.9191 or 405.744.7125

University of Central Oklahoma
Candy Sebert, Ed.D.

Department of Adult Education and Safety Science
College of Education and Professional Studies
100 North University Drive, Box 120
Edmond, OK 73034

fax: 405.974.3809


The following links contain additional information relevant to teacher certification:

1. Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation This website allows you to register to take Oklahoma Teacher Certification examinations.

2. State Department of Education. State Department of Education (SDE) Certification 405.521.3337

For more CareerTech certification information, please contact Carrie Demuth.

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