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Test Requirements

Test requirements for all Business, Marketing, and IT education programs.

All BMITE career majors are aligned to industry certifications. Students are expected to pass specific exams to prove competency achievement. The required exams for each course can be found in each of the following areas:  the Course Development Guides in the Career Cluster framework; the course syllabi, or the Testing Guides.

The Testing Guides are located on ctYou, the CareerTech online community, at Access to many areas of ctYou are restricted to the Oklahoma CareerTech community. If you need access, contact the BMITE division for login instructions. Once you are a member of the ctYou community, you can login to ctYou, scroll to Course Categories, select BMITE, then select the BMITE Teacher Resources Course. This course is organized by topics. Select Curriculum. If you are logged in to ctYou, click here to access Testing Guides.

Additional information on testing (e.g. list of approved test (1-6 & A-F), testing approval forms, CTE Testing Guidelines) is available click here.

    Brainbench Testing

    The agency has contracted with Brainbench Test Center to allow students to access over 600 certification tests at no charge. For specific information or to begin testing, click here.

    ODCTE Exams

    To view a list of the exams, and the knowledge and skills for those exams, that have been developed by ODCTE Testing Division, click here. The tests are arranged by career cluster areas. These exams are free and must be administered by designated local test liaisons.

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