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Summer Conference 2014 - Student Services Presentations

The 47th Annual CareerTech Summer Conference is now over. We are collecting the presentations used by the speakers at the Student Services sessions at OSU-Tulsa and will post the PowerPoint presentations and handouts that we receive on this page. Check back later if the presentation you are looking for isn't here as we will be adding them to this page as we receive them.

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  • Agenda with Descriptions

    Career Services Tuesday Aug. 5, 2014
    (Includes OkCTEEC, Education Services-Special Populations, Financial Aid and Guidance)


    8:30 a.m.-        Opening Session:  The Happy Educator: 5 Secrets to a ‘Stress-Less’ Career

    9:30 a.m.         -Dedra Stafford, Motivational Speaker 


    9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. 
     State Department of Education Update

              -Melissa White, Executive Director, ACE/Counseling, Oklahoma State Dept. of Education

      TANF Session

               -Sandy Elledge, Oklahoma Department of Human Services

      Financial Aid Session:  Federal Update on Gainful Employment and NDSL Reporting

                -Trevor Summers, Training Officer - Federal Student Aid

      March 2 Success and Career Exploration Program

                -Allan J. Silberstein, MAEd, Education Services Specialist, U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion      
                    and SFC Matthew Montoya-Master Trainer, Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion

       Trends in the Workplace

                 - Deidre Meyers, Deputy Secretary of Commerce for Workforce Development,
                        Oklahoma Department of Commerce

        Autism Spectrum Disorder:  Strategies for the Classroom

                   -Dr. Vickie Foster, Coordinator, Office of Disability Services, Tulsa Technology Center

        Make it Happen with Technology

                     -Teresa Pinkston, Instructional Coordinator, Tulsa Tech

        CTE Journey to Excellence  Team Structure

                      -Becki Foster, Associate State Director, ODCTE

         Surviving Trauma:  The Impact on Individuals, Families, and In the Classroom

                       -Jessica Duffel, Psy.D, Clinical Psychologist, Oklahoma City VA Medical Center

          Recruitment Strategies

                      -Heather Ballou, Counselor, Great Plain Tech Center

                      -Arlene Dupree, Counselor, Southern Tech Center


    11:00 a.m. -  12:00 p.m.  

         Cooperative Alliance Update

                       -Melissa Overcash-Field Services Coordinator and Jeremy Zweiacker-Innovation,                          Research and Quality, ODCTE

          TANF Session

                          -Lou Hargrave

           Financial Aid Session: Federal Update on Gainful Employment and NDSL
                reporting (continued)

                         -Trevor Summers, Training Officer - Federal Student Aid

           Instructional Differentiation: No Need to Water Down Material

                          -Dr. Claudia Otto, Ph.D., Disability Services Specialist, ODCTE

           Oklahoma Promise – Back to Basics

                           -Carol Alexander, Oklahoma’s Promise Scholarship Coordinator, OSRHE

            TANF session

                           -Kathy Quinn, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

            Anti Bullying/Anti Drugs

                            -Allan J. Silberstein, MAEd, Education Services Specialist, U.S. Army Recruiting
                             Battalion and  SFC Matthew Montoya-Master Trainer, OKC Recruiting Battalion

             EPAS Update: “Where do we go now?”

                            - Dr. Cindy Brown, Matt Higdon, and Lisa Nelson, EPAS Team, OSRHE

             Analyzing a Curriculum Using WorkKeys Profiling

                             -Carol Snider Farris, ACT Authorized Job Profiler

    1:30 p.m. -  2:30 p.m.    
             The Race for Success in CTSO’s

                        - Jeanne McClish, Student Organizations Coordinator

                        -Marles Bradley, Instructor, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services, Moore Norman                                    Technology Center 

                         -Lori McCollough, Service Careers Instructor, Gordon Cooper Technology Center

            TANF Session

                           -Dr. Joe Robinson, Associate State Director, ODCTE

            Financial Aid Session: Cooperative Alliance Update

                           -Melissa Overcash, Field Services Coordinator and

                            -Jeremy Zweiacker, Innovation, Research and Quality, ODCTE

            Stop the Insanity!

                             -Debbie Waken, STEM Counselor, Tulsa Technology Center

             Soft Skills Don’t Have to be so Hard

                              - Tina Fitzgerald, Employment Services Coordinator, Moore Norman Tech

                                -Jo Kahn, Employment Information Services Coordinator, ODCTE

              Working with ELL Students: Keeping them Integrated and Engaged

                                - Evelyn Hawk, Title 3/ELL Coordinator, Yukon Public Schools 

               Out with the Old and in with the New:  Be in the Know with the OKCRC

                                 -Susan Kuzmic, CRC Project Specialist, ODCTE

               Ruby Payne’s Framework on Poverty Overview

                                 -Tammy Barnes, Carla Henson-Counselors, and Linda Page-Career Advisor,                                              Tulsa Technology Center

              UPDATE on the A-F Report Card and Guidance Self Study and Introduction to the
                 Academic Enhancement Self Study

                                  -Erica Harris, Advisement Specialist,
                                  -Tommi Leach, Academic Coordinator,
                                  -Kelly Arrington, Career and Academic Connections Manager, ODCTE

              Section 504, ADA, and IDEIA: Legal Requirements, Expectations, and Implications for
                  Career Tech Teachers

                                   -Dr. Christine Ormsbee, Ph.D., Assistant Provost & Director, Institute for
                                     Teaching and Learning Excellence, A.J. and Susan Jacques Endowed
                                     Professor in Special Education, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

    2:45 p.m. -  3:45 p.m    

                Financial Aid Session:   Data, Data, and More Data

                                -Ruth Peace, Manager, Innovation, Quality and Research Division, ODCTE
                Accreditation/Closing Comments

                                -Dawn Lindsley, Accreditation Coordinator, ODCTE 

                               -Pamela Cole, Financial Aid Coordinator, ODCTE 

                Stop the Insanity! (REPEAT)

                                -Debbie Waken, Counselor, Tulsa Technology Center

                 Employment Strategies for Ex-Offenders

                               -Steve Gordon, Founder/Director, Strategic Reentry Group

                 Technology in the Classroom for At-Risk Students

                              - Jeremiah Graham, M.E.d., Social Studies Instructor, Metro Technology Centers

                 Customer-Centric Instructional Framework

                                -Sheryl Hale, Research and Innovation, ODCTE

                  Time Management

                                 -Jennifer Lawson-Newby, Human Resources Coordinator, OSU- Center for Health                                   Sciences, OSU-Tulsa             

                   PEACEMAKER OR TROUBLEMAKER?  Bullying Prevention Education”

                                   -Gayle Jones, Educational Consultant and Presenter

                    Using Tech Centers and High Schools That Work Goals to Enhance and Implement
                      CareerTech Strategic Purposes

                                  -Twila Green, HSTW/TCTW State Coordinator, ODCTE

                                  -Vic Woods, Assistant Superintendent, Caddo Kiowa Technology Center

                                  -Vicki Rexroat, Curriculum Development Specialist, Caddo Kiowa Technology

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