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OKCIS - Information, Training, Resources

The Oklahoma contract for OKCIS will end on June 30, 2015 and portfolios will no longer be accessible. ODCTE will not be able to assist you with OKCIS technical support beyond that date. In August OK Career Guide will be available to you at no charge.

Some of you have received an email regarding the continuation of OKCIS (and the available add-ons) beyond June 30th 2015….  Yes, through the parent company, intoCareers, OKCIS will be available for you to purchase after June 2015. It will be a bit more costly than you are accustomed to seeing and all updates and technical support will come from the Oregon-based company at the University of Oregon.  If you are interested in maintaining your subscription to OKCIS, please contact: Susan Roudebush, University of Oregon, intoCareers.

OKCIS logo


OKCIS Training Materials

What's NEW in OKCIS for Fall 2014 Download Flyer

New - OKCIS 2014 Training Manual  Download (pdf)

OKCIS training handouts

1. CISInterface.pdf
2. ApplicationTracker.pdf
3. CoursePlanner.pdf
4. ProgramOfStudy.pdf
5. PasswordChanges.pdf
6. OccupationsUpdate.pdf
7. UEP_handout.pdf

OKCIS Resources

Quick Starts

These handout are designed to assist different audiences in getting a quick start in using OKCIS

- Educators
- Special Ed


Corresponding Practice Tests

OKCIS offers practice tests for many of the EOI alternative tests. This is a list of alternative test, minimum cut scores, and corresponding OKCIS practices tests.

Assessment Outcomes

OKCIS offers many different assessments. This chart will help you see what each assessment evaluates.

OKCIS Bookmarks

- insert your user id and password - print-cut-distribute


-- Download "Amazing" bookmark in .pdf format
Purchase the color version of this bookmark from
CIMC Catalog #CS8007  1-800.654.4502


-- Download earlier OKCIS bookmark
These files are in .pdf format and 2 sided (download both files)

Front Page |   Back Page

OKCIS Junior


OKCIS JR Career Implementation Framework
or Word document


TEST PREP Support Materials

Use this flyer to let your students know that the school has the OKCIS test prep packages. The poster also tells the students how to access the tests. This flyer is also available in poster-size through our office.


    Learn what it takes to fill out the FAFSA in this entertaining 5-minute video.


    • OKCIS Paying for School Brochure
      This brochure is a great way to help students and their parents see all the features in OKCIS that help them find scholarships, grants, link to school financial aid sites, and learn about loans. It also includes a Paying for School Worksheet. This is a great brochure to use at parent and scholarship evenings.

    OKCIS General Information


    OKCIS Brochure


    What is OKCIS? This brochure tells about many features of OKCIS. It is a great general information brochure to use with parents, administrators, and the community.

    Occupations and Employment

    Education and Training

    Skills Assessment


    Interest Determination, Exploration and Assessment System

    Add-on interest assessment for OKCIS

    Peterson's Test Prep
    Add-on Packages


    OKCIS Test Prep Poster   
    pdf format




    OKCIS Order Form


    Some files on this page are offered to you to download in .PDF format. If you need a copy of Adobe Reader you can download it online. Click Here or on the Adobe Graphic below.

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