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Guidance and Counseling


Career Readiness Certificate
WorkKeys KeyTrain

Interpreting Assessment
Guidelines for Using Assessment for Program Placement

Career Clusters Interest Survey

Career Clusters Interest Survey (SPANISH)

BIS Assessment Matrix (PDF)
Learning Styles
  • Canfield Learning Styles Inventory
  • Online Learning Styles Questionnaires
  • Career Planning

    Students with Disabilities
    Guidance Checklist
    Career Cluster Crosswalk with 
    ACT World of Work map
    Student Guidance Checklist (PDF)
    This checklist is for all students. Students should attempt to complete as many of the activities as possible.
    Steps for Preparing to Attend an
    Oklahoma Technology Center

    Counselor Resources


    Career Advisor


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    Tornado Counseling Video  Kelly Arrington and Tommi Leach presenters

    Helping Children Recover After a Tornado – Resources for Teachers and Families.

    Guidance Related Websites

    Professional Associations Oklahoma Agencies College Information
    Educational Reform Career Information

    Individual Career Plans (ICP)

    (formerly called Plans of Study)
    Individual Career Plans - Definition Sample Pathway Career Plans Customized Individual Career Plans 
    by School District

    Remediation Resources

    EOI Alternative Test and Cut Scores EOI Alternative Tests and Corresponding Practice Tests OKCIS Test Prep
    OKCIS offers practice tests for many of the EOI alternative tests.

    List of EOI Alternative Tests, minimum cut scores, and
    corresponding OKCIS practice tests.
    Achieve Best Practices in Intervention and Remediation ACE Resources, SDE Link for ACE Resources Test Prep Review:
    (Lots of test prep problems for a wide variety
    of tests plus the answers!)
    Frequently Asked Questions Oklahoma School Testing Program
    Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests

    Revised FERPA Regulations

    FERPA Final Regulations PDF Revised FERPA Regulations: An Overview for SEAs and LEAs PDF Revised FERPA Regulations: An Overview for Parents and Students PDF
    Guidance for Reasonable Methods and Written Agreements PDF New Model Notification for LEA Officials Word
    Intersection of FERPA and IDEA Confidentiality Provisions Webinar
    Transcript PDF 
    Slides PDF
    Data Sharing Under FERPA Recording
    Transcript PDF 
    Slides PDF
    FERPA 101 Webinar Recording
    Transcript PDF 
    Slides PDF


    These rubrics were designed to help show what a successful student services system would look like in a technology center. Use these rubrics to benchmark your current services and to identify areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement
    Guidance Academic Integration Job Placement Assessment

    Standards and Guidelines -
    For Technology Center Student Services

    Guidance Self-Study 2012 CAC Counselor's Reports
    Click on CAC Counselor Report under the login box (no need to login) and select the school year you want to view
    #4 (Guidance), #5 (Placement), and #6 (Academic Integration)
    Counselor Evaluation Rubric Counselor Observation Form Sample Technology Center Counselor Responsibilities
    Counselor Rubric/Guidance Self-Study Crosswalk
    Comprehensive Guidance Program

    National Career Development Guidelines
    Technology Center Counselor
    Functions and Qualifications

    Teachers as Advisors

    Implementation Best Practices Curriculum Evalaution

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