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Quality Indicators

CareerTech Career and Academic Connections- Student Services Standards

Student Services Standards

Student Services Evaluation Standards 4, 5 and 6

Every five years, a technology center is evaluated on the services it provides to its students. Guidance (which includes assessment and special needs services), Job Placement, and Integrated Academics are the standards the ODCTE Career and Academic Connections Division assesses in the student services area. Please click on the links below to see the instrument we use for each standard to help us evaluate and accredit technology centers.

Quality Indicators

Quality indicators delineate strategies and elements that are important for student success at a technology center and are used to help define and enhance student services during accreditation visits.

Rubrics - Student Services Modules

These rubrics were designed to help show what a successful student services system would look like in a technology center. Use these rubrics to benchmark your current services and to identify areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Comprehensive Guidance Program

The "Comprehensive Guidance Program" is designed to assist school counselors in strengthening their current program or in designing a new one. School counselors have important roles and responsibilities in the school and community to assist students with their personal, career, and educational development.

Seamless Transitions - Career Awareness (Grades K-6) Document in .pdf format helps students understand the role of work, one's own uniqueness, and basic knowledge about career clusters or groups of different occupations.

Seamless Transitions - Career Exploration (Grades 7 - 8) Document in .pdf format helps students discover their individual interests, abilities, values, and needs by exploring jobs and how they fit into the world of work. These activities help students become knowledgeable about career expectations.

Seamless Transitions - Career Preparation and Application Grades 9-14+ Document in .pdf format Application (Grades 9 - 14+) helps students acquire specific preparation, including the development of occupationally specific skills, the application of academic theory in real situations, and the mastery of the workplace basics. Preparation for the transition to additional education, or the workplace, or both is essential in this stage.

Seamless Transitions- Six-Year Plan of Study Document in .pdf format A six-year Plan of Study is a planned, coherent sequence of courses, four to six years in duration, leading to or supporting a career pathway. The Plan of Study guides students to necessary information and appropriate academics for successful career decisions.

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