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Kelly's April 2014 Email

Archived Copy of Kelly's April 2014 Email

Reminder: Mental Health First Aid Workshop

When you think of basic first aid, what comes to mind? Many of us carry first aid kits in our cars, or have taken a basic first aid course. Why? Perhaps we want to be prepared to help a loved one in a medical emergency, or perhaps we have an altruistic desire to be of service if a stranger needs assistance.  Mental Health First aid follows the same principles.  Mental Aid First Aid (MHFA) aims to provide knowledge and skills to potentially prevent a mental health emergency through early intervention but also how to navigate through such an emergency if one occurs.

There will be a May Mental Health First Aid workshop at the Oklahoma Department of Careertech in Stillwater.  The dates are May 1 and 2, 2014.  The first day (May 1) will start at 12:30 pm and go until 4:30.  Refreshments, materials, and workbook provided. (Lunch is NOT provided. Please eat before you arrive.)  The second day (May 2), breakfast will be at 8:00 am and the workshop will start at 8:30 and go until 12:30.  Breakfast, materials, workbook and refreshments provided.  Information on hotels will be sent to the participants at a later date, if needed.  There is a registration cost of $45 for materials and refreshments/breakfast.  (8 LPC points for completion of the workshop, pending approval)

Please email me if you need the registration form and agenda or see the email I sent out on 4/8/2014.

Newspapers in Education has published a topical curriculum focused on the Key Business Ecosystems for spring 2014. It is a topic sourced in the “OneOklahoma”: A Strategic Plan of Science and Technology in Oklahoma, 2012 and fits with Governor Fallin’s AMERICA WORKS initiative.

With workforce development employment gaps identified, Oklahoma’s Key Business Systems: Wealth Building Career Pathways presents the following:

  1. The six major Oklahoma industry areas that are in demand for educated and skilled labor
  2. The definition of wealth and what it means to be a Oklahoma wealth building industry
  3. An explanation of the Career Pathway Initiative
  4. Career directions and key supportive school subject matters and degrees
  5. Examples of non-traditional professional education (ex. more women engineers)
  6. Supplemental STEM lessons that helps develop the content

If you would like a classroom set (25) of the student workbook, please email me and I can send them to you.


Suicide in America Statistics

The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse website has an info graphic with statistics that spell out clearly and concisely the problem we have in America with suicide.


Suicide in America Infographic


Careertech Strategic Purposes

The agency has reorganized around 7 strategic purposes.  Those purposes are:

1)      Career Development

2)      Career Readiness

3)      Work and Family Studies

4)      Academic Enhancement

5)      Career Preparation and Enhancement

6)      Customized Training and Consulting

7)      Curriculum and Assessment Services


Although we may work formally or informally on most of these purposes, the Career and Academic Connections Division will work most closely with career development and academic enhancement purposes.  Career Development assures students have the knowledge and skills to make informed career choices and to create education plans to be prepared for those careers.  Career development is based upon the tenet that all K-12 and adult students should have the information they need to make informed decisions about their education and career choices. Helping individuals increase self-understanding of their abilities, interests, values and goals is a vital foundation of the career development process. Career development will be gauged by measuring: career exploration; career goals; career maturity; and career and educational plans.


Academic Enhancement assures students develop the academic knowledge and skills required by students’ career choices. Academic enhancement in the 21st-century workplace requires Oklahomans to have education and training beyond high school diplomas to obtain financial security. It is imperative that the workforce has the academic skills needed to be competitive and maintain and improve America’s standard of living.  Academic enhancement will be gauged by measuring: college remediation rate; college/other postsecondary education readiness, and obtainment of CRC.

As you can see, work in the student services/student support area will be crucial to implementation of these purposes.

Kelly Arrington, Career and Academic Connections Manager

Oklahoma Department of CareerTech

1500 West 7th Avenue

Stillwater, OK  74074-4364



FAX: 405.743.6809


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