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Kelly's May 2014 Email

Archived Copy of Kelly's 2014 Email

Student Services Contacts:

New Student Services Academy

The New Student Services Academy targeted towards student services and academic center staff will be held in Stillwater at ODCTE on July 24-25, 2014.  It is critical that all new academic center and student services staff be present.  This includes academic center instructors and specialists, and those serving as guidance, career development, special needs, counseling, assessment, recruitment, and job placement personnel.  It does not include math or science teachers whose sole assignment is to an academy (bio-med, bio-tech, or pre-engineering) or who teach for academic credit.  They receive orientation and training through a different process.
If you have a new hire in the student services or academic center area, please email me the new staff (name, position, tech center campus and email or home address).  We will be emailing/sending out information about registration, agenda and other information to them about the academy.  If you have questions about this activity for student services or academic center staff, please contact me.  I have provided a draft agenda that can be downloaded HERE for your information.  (Instructors will have their own new teacher training in July. There are two weeks dedicated in July for these trainings.  If you have a new teacher, contact your State Program Administrator for dates and locations of their new teacher training.)


Save the date

OKCRC Conference
November 6, 2014
Moore Norman South Penn Campus


Cooperative Alliance Update

On April 29, staff from technology centers and colleges and staff from ODCTE and OSRHE met to discuss next steps on how cooperative alliances will be changing.  At the end of the day was an opportunity for Q and A with Dr. Blanke from the regents.  One of the questions was on how to enroll students.  You may have already received this information but I wanted to make sure it was passed onto you.  Here is that question with the answer:

How do we enroll students?  What do we tell them?

A:       Be very clear that we WILL take care of them.  The colleges have obligations to “teach out” programs that are going to be deleted, and they will allow those already enrolled to complete. For NEW students, we are in transition.  If you start a program, and it is not deleted when the student enrolls, they will be included in the “teach out” plan.   This process is allowed by the Regents to ensure students are accommodated.  The programs may change how credit is awarded, and/or how much credit is granted as well. Students will be given the opportunity to finish the credit in the manner they began the program. 

If you would like to see more of the Q and A, reply back to me and I will send you the sheet from that day. 

PLAN and EXPLORE Changes

This coming school year (2014-2015) will be the last year the PLAN and EXPLORE assessments will be offered in Oklahoma.  ACT is changing their assessment offerings.  To hear more about these changes, plan to attend one of the six workshops the Oklahoma EPAS team puts on in early fall. The flyer can be downloaded HERE and registration is open at http://www.okhighered.org/epas/prof-dev.shtml

CIMC Spring Newsletter

Take a quick look at the Spring 2014 CIMC Update newsletter. You will see an update on changes in CIMC, product spotlight, new products being developed, and even a recipe.  You can view it at: 




Kelly Arrington, Career and Academic Connections Manager

Oklahoma Department of CareerTech

1500 West 7th Avenue

Stillwater, OK  74074-4364



FAX: 405.743.6809

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