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Achievement Award

Oklahoma had 321 Award of Educational Achievement Winners based on the 2006 HSTW Assessment results.

A Message for Students:

You may be working hard in school and taking challenging courses.
You may be preparing for your first career step--either further learning or employment in your career path or both.

Does anybody care? Yes!

You may qualify for the High Schools That Work Award of  Educational Achievement.  High Schools That Work is an effort in 32 states to improve the academic, technical and problem-solving skills of high school students enrolled in technical and vocational programs.
This annual award recognizes high school seniors for following the path that leads to success instead of the path of "just getting by."
Business, industry, colleges and universities are looking for students just like you who have demonstrated that they have the potential to succeed.
Your school and community will recognize and celebrate your success. Many high schools recognize their High Schools That Work award recipients at school assemblies and in local newspapers.

How Can You Qualify for the Award of Educational Achievement?

1.  Complete 4 credits in a broad technical or career field or major.
2.  Complete at least two of the following:
* Four credits in college prep-level English:
* Four credits in mathematics, with two of these credits in Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II or higher
* Three credits in science, with two of these credits in college pre-level courses
3.  Meet or exceed the HSTW performance goals set by SREB in reading, science, and mathematics, on the HSTW Assessment.

What Courses and Assignments Will Help You Qualify for the Award?

*English classes in which  you read several books and articles each semester, prepare thoughtfully written papers, give formal oral presentations for a grade, write thoughtful essay responses to complex questions and do short and long research papers.
*Mathematics classes such as Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II in which you learn challenging content and solve complex problems.
*Science classes such as college preparatory Biology, Chemistry, Principles of Technology and Physics that frequently require you to demonstrate and use scientific concepts in a laboratory setting, develop and evaluate the design of an experiment and interpret and use information from text and graphs.
*Vocational classes that require you to use academic and technical knowledge and skills to complete challenging assignments and projects that include solving open-ended problems, conducting research, synthesizing findings in written and oral reports and designing and producing products or services.

What Do You Need to Do?  What Will You Receive?

Contact your teacher, counselor or advisor to make sure you are taking the right courses.
Do your best on the High Schools That Work Assessment in reading, mathematics and science.
Your school and you will be contacted if you qualify.
You will receive:
*A personalized award:
*A letter of congratulations from SREB.
With your permission, your name and address will be shared with approved businesses and industries that may be interested in contacting you about employment possibilities.  These businesses include BellSouth and others that are looking for high school graduates who possess the skills represented by the award.

About High Schools That Work

The Southern Regional Education Board's High Schools That Work initiative is the nation's largest effort to combine challenging academic courses and modern vocational and technical studies to raise the achievement of students.  HSTW is based on the belief that students enrolled in mechanical and vocational programs can master complex academic and technical concepts if schools encourage students to make the effort to succeed.  

What Has the Award Meant to Other Students and Parents?

Students said: "BellSouth offered me a job because of this Award! The Award was a great gesture to me, and I loved the opportunity that it gave me."  "I have been tied down with family responsibilities since graduating and did not think I had the capability or the opportunity to do anything.  The Award signaled to me that I could do something with the rest of my life."
Parents said: "As a family, we're celebrating.  Hard work pays off!" "The idea that a company or a business might give a helping hand to my daughter is saying something very important to our young people." "My son was so excited to receive the Award! He learned a great deal in school.  I'm sure the school must be proud. It deserves a medal, too!"

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