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Individual Career Plan

An Individual Career Plan (ICP) provides a tool for students to plot their courses and educational experiences as they pursue a career major. A personalized ICP is a learner-owned, comprehensive, career-focused, educational strategy.

What is an Individual Career Plan?

A personalized Individual Career Plan, simply put, is a “roadmap” that guides individuals through the coursework and activities for achieving personal career goals. An ICP connects student’s high school and postsecondary educational experiences.

A sample Individual Career Plan can be used to assist students completing their own personalized plan.  There are two main types:

  • Cluster Individual Career Plan - A sample Cluster Individual Career Plan is focused on a broad set of related occupations that share commonalities.
  • Pathway Individual Career Plan - A sample Pathway Individual Career Plan is focused on a subset of related occupations within a Career Cluster.

What is a Course?

  • A course is an instructional unit that includes a set of defined competencies, a syllabus or course outline, and a measure of accountability, evaluation, or assessment.
  • A course may be occupational, exploratory, academic, foundational, or competency development.

Customized Individual Career Plan by School District

Check this list to find the link to your school districts' graduation requirements and/or customized Plans of Study.

Sample Pathway Individual Career Plans

These sample Individual Career Plans provide a resource for understanding the possible courses and educational experiences for students pursuing a career major. The models represent options within each of the 16 Career Clusters and Career Pathways and serve to define the possibilities associated with each area. The plans of study represent the individual student choices associated with completing their career major. Sample plans can be downloaded and modified to meet individual student needs.
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