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TCTW - Continuous Improvement

  • Increase to 85 percent the percentages of career/technical students meeting the TCTW reading,mathematics and science performance goals.
  • Increase to 50 percent the percentages of career/technical students who perform at the Proficient level in reading, mathematics and science, as measured by the biennial HSTW Assessment.
  • Increase the percentages of technology center graduates who complete a career/technical concentration and enter post secondary studies and/or employment within the field for which they were prepared.
  • Increase to 95 percent the percentage of high school students who enter the technology center in grade 11 and graduate on time.
  • Advance state and local policies and leadership initiatives that sustain a continuous school improvement effort.
  • Work with middle grades schools to effectively use assessments to guide students in creating programs of study and completing courses that prepare them for high school and technology center courses.
  • Increase annually the percentage of students leaving the technology center having earned post secondary credit or having met standards for post secondary studies, so they will avoid remedial courses.
  • Work with sending high schools to increase annually the percentage of students entering technology centers prepared and qualified to earn college credit.
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